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Graphene Flexible Electro Heating Film

1.Film Structure: Graphene film is composed of organic carrier and graphene composite multicomponent film.It is encapsulated with high temperature resistant polyurethane film.
2.Film Size: The thickness of graphene film is adjustable between 5-30 μm.The encapsulation thickness is 0.1 mm.The area is less than 0.5 square meters and square can be customized.
3.Mechanical Strength: Good flexibility.It can be bent, fold, cut and spliced at will.

Excellent Curved Surface Adaptability: It can be attached on the surface of  complex mechanical. The breaking strength is above 100MPa.

4.Water Resistance: Graphene film is hydrophobic and waterproof after encapsulated.
5.Conductivity: Low Conductivity: 10 S/cm. High Conductivity: 2×102 S/cm.

Ultra-high conductivity needs to be specially customized by graphitization, but its mechanical properties will decrease.

6.Thermal Conductivity:10-103 W/mK.

7.Heating Module: Temperature and power can be adjusted by voltage, which can be customized according to demand.

3.7V,calorific stability temperature is 38°C

5.0V,calorific stability temperature is 45°C

8.0V,calorific stability temperature is 70°C

12.0V,calorific stability temperature is 100°C




Graphene Flexible Electro Heating Film