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Outdoor Special EL Panel

Features: Flash lighting, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof, anti-aging, flexibility and long lifetime.

Applications: Road signs, outdoor advertisements, warning tips, building advertisements, bridge shape, car body advertisements, ship shape, city traffic sign, indicator belt, commercial light box advertisement indoor and outdoor.

Using Method: Paste / hang / splice. Can be combined with road reflection marking film to use by pasting temporarily.

Technical Indicators: 115V 400Hz, blue-green luminescence, no pattern layer as test conditions.


Lifetime: Use special structure and materials, half lifetime can reach 12,000 hours and outdoor lifetime can be about 4 years.

Thickness: 1.3mm, similar to credit card. Power consumption: 50-80W/m2.

Brightness: 30-80Cd/m2 (Similar to the brightness of mobile screen).

Working temperature: 40 degrees below zero to 80 degrees.

Working conditions: 60-110V, 50-800Hz.

Matching: Solar panels and batteries (working for 8-10 hours).


Outdoor Special EL Panel