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Electroluminescent Paint

1. Brief Introduction   Can master in 1 hour with  spray basic conditions.
Features: Through simple and quick spraying process, it can light on the surface of the object at night.
Brightness: Brightness is 2-3 times longer than that of long afterglow fluorescent materials.
Applicable surface: Wood, metal, plastic, glass, stone, paper, cloth and so on.
Using Conditions: Indoor and outdoor
Brightness:   5-20Cd/㎡
Power Conditions: DC3V, DC12V, AC220V, etc.
Color: It can achieve multicolor, but ice blue is the best.
Flash: Circuit controls neon flashing.
Production Investment: Minimum USD100.
Sample Making: Maximum USD500.


2. Application
    Car decoration, Advertisement neon,  Safety sign, Furniture decoration ,Building light.
3. Making Raw Materials and Tools
    KPT SH Series Materials(Sample USD500/set    0.3-0.5m2):Copper Ink, Protecting Paint, Lighting Paint, Insulting Paint, Transparent Conductive Paint.
Tools(USD100-300):Hair Drier, spray gun, multimeter, UV lamp, inverter, conductive copper tape, insulting tape, knife, filters, sandpaper and etc.


4. Technology Introduction    (Finsh in half an hour fastest )
    Spray 4-6 times → Hot air dry  (60 ℃,2-5 minutes)→ Stick electrode → Connect to power supply   
Pattern formation: Colorful images, stereotyped aerial drawings, pattern sheltering spray, color pen drawing, etc.
    Video files and technical advice can be obtained free of charge from the Sales Department of KPT company!

Electroluminescent Paint