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Elastic Luminescent Material

Elastic luminescent material is mainly due to the electret effect of micro crystalline luminescent materials. Of course, micro crystalline luminescent materials can produce instantaneous visible radiation when it has elastic deformation or plastic deformation which cannot be resumed. When the colloid mixed with the luminescent material, the colloid is rubbed with the surface of the luminescent crystal and then cause accumulated electric charge to form the excited electron transition state and then produce visible light radiation.

It can be used for elastic sensor, pressure sensor, friction sensor and electrostatic sensor.

Particle Size: Type B/C/CT is 25-30 microns; Type S is 7-10 microns. Recommend type C/CT.

Crystal structure: Six corner phase, cubic phase and mixed crystal phase.

Ingredients: alkaline earth sulfide, aluminate and silicate salt.

Color: Orange, blue and green etc.

Auxiliary colloid: Silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, commercially available waterproof silicone, etc.

Minimum packing is 100 grams (color can be selected and combined).


Elastic Luminescent Material