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Electroluminescence and Reflective Safety Vest

This product is a safety lighting tape consisting of flexible electroluminescence paster and reflective light. Its flexible EL panel is on the back of the reflective layer material. Reflective and large area electroluminescence light at the same time. The traditional thickness of the reflective layer does not change. It is different from the existing surface-mounted LED point light source.

Using Method: It can be directly pasted on the surface of reflective clothes or lighting tapes. It can also be pasted on the surface of cars, temporary warning signs and buildings.

Usage: Danger warning lighting. Lighting Method: On or flash.

Technical Indicators: Visual distance is more than 100m.Use 3V battery (AA) or lithium battery and  single using time is more than 8 hours. Length:800mm. The lighting width is 25mm and the thickness is 0.7mm. It can be bent and the color is yellow-green.

Package: 2PCS lighting EL tape and DC3V inverter(2AA). The service life is more than 3000 hours


Electroluminescence and Reflective Safety Vest