Technical data of EL wire

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Technical Information of Flexible Neon wire

Flexible Neon Wire, also called Electroluminescent (EL ) Wire is the new generation product in global lighting and display industry. Wrapped by colorful plastic tube on its surface, it appears similar to common phone wire, emitting light along its entire length but without any heat radiation. It consumes much lower power, just 50-70% of LED lamp, 20-40%,rope lamp and 1-10% neon light. Funded by professional Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, it was developed and put into production by Shanghai Keyan Phosphor Technology Co., Ltd , it open a new era in lighting and display field featured with energy saving, environmental protection and health.

Application Field:

1. indoor and outdoor advertisement, picture and logo, shopwindow, door, furniture, wall, roof, etc.

2. car, boat and other vehicles decoration: inside and outside decoration, number display.

3. safety sign and guidance: stair, passage, doorplate, temporary marks.

4. toy, art and handcraft, sport article, garment, electrical appliance

Technical information:

Normal diameter: 0.8, 1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0mm

Color: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, transparent, white, etc.

Shape: column form, square, strap, two colors, three colors, etc.

The longest wire: 200m

Usual Working Condition: AC220, AC110, DC3V, DC12V, etc.(work with its driver)

Capacitance: 4.6nF/M  Tensile Force: <1 kg   Luminescence Index: 30-120Cd/M2

Applicable Temperature:  -400C to 600C      Average Life: 1000-5000 hours

Proper Working Condition:  120V, 1000Hz    Power: 0.2 W/m

Preservation time: 1 year, preservation temperature: 10-250C

Relative humidity: 50%

Standard test condition: AC115V, 400Hz, relative humidity: 50%

Special specification as your order in advance

Ordinary type:  Longlife 3000 h,  Lighting power: 80cd/ m2,  Power: 0.2W/ m

High light type:  Lonlife 1000 h,  Lighting power: 140cd/ m2,  Power: 0.4W/ m

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