Infrared absorption and emission

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IR Laser Pen


Ingredient:Inorganic powder material.

Body Color:Black,gray and blue.

Particle Size:100-700nm.  Proportion:1.8.

Characteristic:This product absorb 60-80% of the near infrared, mid infrared and far  

              infrared laser.

Using Temperature:From -20 to 600 degree.

Application Area:Laser welding plastics, 3D laser sintering, infrared absorption,

                 infrared thermal insulation, etc..

Application Form:Transparent glass, plastic, paint, powder, film, cement, cloth, etc..

Application Advantage:

 1)Spray on a transparent glass.Can transparent block the infrared

    heat.Heat insulation in summer and heat preservation in winter.

 2)Mix in the plastic, so that the plastic can be melted and bonded in a relatively

    low laser.

 3)Spray on the surface of the plastic film.Can shield electromagnetic wave and

    prevent static electricity.

 4)Produce on the surface of the cloth.Can make the camouflage clothing, tents and

    cloth cover to reduce the infrared radiation.

 5)Mix in the paint and spray on the vehicle,building and roof for heat proof and



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