Glowing Earphone wire

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Technical data of EL wire

101 Flash Earphone USB Light Data Cable.pdf

1. Music Flash Earphone



     Earphone wire can flash with audio, music.

     It can light independently without a complete set of electronic equipment.It will act as a safety warning in the night travel.

Use field:

     Mobile phone,MP3, computer, automobile CD player,radiogram, etc.

Use method:

     Using matched USB data line charge.There is provided with a micro lithium battery at the earphone control switch.Switch  

     can control steady lighting/audio control flash/off.Each charge can be used for about 3 hours.The luminous color is  

     consistent with the appearance of the earphone line (Red, blue, green and 13 colors).


     Special requirements like specifications, function, color, size and price, please contact KPT sales.


2. Standard Specification For Semi - finished Products Of Flash Earphone Wire

Product Form

     EL wire,EL wire earphone line with audio line.


     Single EL wire, a plurality of EL wire, multi- core EL wire.

Color, specifications,structure, inverter and price, please contact KPT sales.


3. USB Light Data Cable


    luminescence display charge,speed and data transmission speed.


    Mobile phone charging display, data transmission display and dark lighting tips.

Use method:

    Between the mobile phone and the power supply, the luminous flow speed displays the charging speed,and they are in direct proportion.After the phone is full of electricity, light automatically goes out.


     Multi strand spiral winding structure                        Multi core structure



   Special requirements like specifications, function, color, size and price, please contact KPT sales.


4. Specification For Semi - finished Products Of USB Light Data Cable

Product: EL wire,EL wire with data line.   


    Multi- core structure( Single EL wire realize dynamic luminescence by multi- core electrode).

                Diameter:EL wire core:1.2mm   With data line:5X2mm( Flat).

    Multi- strand structure( A plurality of EL wire combine with wire).

                Diameter:EL wire core:0.8mm   With data line:4-5mm( Circular). 


5. Specification For Semi - finished Products Of Luminous Power Wire


    Dynamic luminescence display power wire.It will act as a safety warning in the indoor and outdoor night travel tipping    

    wire position.


     Household appliance power cable,mobile power socket wire,lamp wire and construction wire.


     Multi- strand winding direction, a dynamic light flashing light.



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